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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Support Notice (2021-2022): Home Assistants & Mobile Apps Status

Updates from Newest to Oldest

5/25/2022:  Amazon Echo ("Alexa") is working once again.  Add the WIXY1260Online skill from the Amazon Alexa App store.  To invoke, say, "Alexa, ask W. I. X. Y. Twelve-Sixty Online to Play Live" (after adding the WIXY1260Online Skill to your device).

5/11/2022: The free WIXY1260Online Mobile App for Android is working once again!  Visit the Google Play Store to update or download the updated app.  Android App 

*Note - the iOS app is working as well as of 5/6/22 | Apple App

5/9/2022: We’ve learned that some Android users are experiencing issues with the WIXY1260Online Mobile App.  We have entered a trouble ticket with our vendor and hope to have the issue resolved soon.

In the meantime, you can still listen using a mobile device but visiting WIXY1260Online | Listen and clicking on the Listen Now button.

5/6/2022: The free WIXY1260Online Mobile Apps are working once again!  Visit your device's app store to update or download the updated app.  Android App | Apple App

4/20/2022: Our App Developer is processing updates to our free WIXY1260Online Mobile Apps!  The updates should be published within the coming days.  Thanks for your patience.  See: https://wixy1260online.com/listen.html#listening_help 

Android App (launching any day)

Apple App (launching by Mid-May 2022)

4/20/2022: Amazon Echo ("Alexa"): Our Alexa commands are being re-programmed and are expected to return within the next ~month.

12/29/2021:  Be advised that our home assistant apps and WIXY1260Online mobile apps will become inactive due to recent changes to our listening streams (discussed here: https://wixy1260online-status.blogspot.com/2021/12/support-notice-2021-2022-streaming.html).  Stay tuned as we work with our vendors to get these items working again in the future, and thanks for your patience.

Listeners with a mobile device or tablet can still use these devices to tune in, but will need to launch the player from the WIXY1260Online.com Listen Page through their device's web browser until the mobile apps can be restored. 

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