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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Support Notice (2019): Listening Notes

-If a stream doesn't work for you on our website it could be due to a slow internet connection, low computer memory or outdated software - our Support page, here, contains info on our current streams status or to request assistance. Restart your computer and/or update your browser (we prefer Edge or Chrome).

-*FlashPlayer requires regular updating and needs to be enabled in your browser, so to listen on your computer, please make sure you're using the latest version found here. (Known listening issues with Adobe Flash & Internet Explorer are discussed here.) (>Adobe Flash Update Instructions.)

--NO FLASHPLAYER? Listen on your computer through our RadioCoalition.org Licensing site without Flashplayer by using the MP3 stream.

-Our High-Efficiency AAC stream uses very little smartphone data (using the WIXY1260Online or TuneIn Radio mobile apps), important when you’re not on a wi-fi network.

We use far less data than other streaming radio services and mp3 streaming services, all while beating their sound quality, and we NEVER collect your personal or location data!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Support Notice (2019): WIXY1260Online Studio Webcam

Users have reported the webcam not appearing properly.  The remedy is to use the web browser, Firefox (version 26 or later). If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to use version 9 or later and switch to 'compatibility mode.' (While in the webcam page, go to your menu bar, click on 'tools', then, 'Compatibility view settings', then click the 'add' button and close the window. - Reload the page and it should work fine.)

Also, depending on your browser or system, you may be asked in a pop-up window to install a plug-in - this is perfectly normal and secure and is needed to view the webcam properly.

The webcam can be accessed from the link on our Gallery page at http://www.wixy1260online.com/gallery.html

Support Notice (2019): Internet Explorer 11 / Adobe Flash Problem affecting Website Listening Streams

Listening to the flash player on our website was affected by several major software updates launched by Microsoft and Adobe to counter a massive bot-net. There is no issue with our stream or our website security. If you use Internet Explorer 11 (or older) and/or have an outdated version of Adobe Flash, you can correct the problem as follows:

  a. Update/Re-Install the Adobe Flash Player (from their official website only: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/). Even if you already have Adobe Flash Player, it must be updated and re-installed. When doing this be careful not to be tricked into downloading the other stuff Adobe tries to trick you into installing (pay close attention to the prompts and checkboxes on the screen).

  b. In Internet Explorer, you may need to switch to 'compatibility mode.' (While on our website, go to your menu bar, click on 'tools', then, 'Compatibility view settings', then click the 'add' button and close the window. - Reload the page and it should work fine.)

or (preferred solution):

c. Use the latest version of an alternate web browser like Firefox or Chrome.

If you know of anyone who is having this problem, please pass this information along to them.