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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Support Notice (2021-2022): Home Assistants & Mobile Apps Status

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5/25/2022:  Amazon Echo ("Alexa") is working once again.  Add the WIXY1260Online skill from the Amazon Alexa App store.  To invoke, say, "Alexa, ask W. I. X. Y. Twelve-Sixty Online to Play Live" (after adding the WIXY1260Online Skill to your device).

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Support Notice (2021-2022): Streaming Links Status

[Updates from Newest to Oldest]

5/6/2022:  Our new streams are operational! The links are available on our website at https://wixy1260online.com/listen.html.  Be sure to update your bookmarks. Our mobile apps are now live (Android App | Apple Appand Alexa (Amazon Echo) will be coming back as well, thanks for your patience. NOW ROCK ON AT https://wixy1260online.com/listen.html

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Support Notice (2016): WIXY1260Online Studio Webcam

5/31/2016: Users have reported the webcam not appearing properly.  The remedy is to use the web browser, Firefox (version 26 or later). If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to use version 9 or later and switch to 'compatibility mode.' (While in the webcam page, go to your menu bar, click on 'tools', then, 'Compatibility view settings', then click the 'add' button and close the window. - Reload the page and it should work fine.)

Also, depending on your browser or system, you may be asked in a pop-up window to install a plug-in - this is perfectly normal and secure and is needed to view the webcam properly.

The webcam can be accessed from the link on our Gallery page at https://www.wixy1260online.com/about.html#gallery

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